1. How do I raise a claim?

Simply click on the “RAISE A CLAIM” button at the top left corner of your seller center dashboard and fill the form with the required information or fill the form here.

2. What happens if I cannot raise a claim?

If you are unable to raise a claim please send an email to seller.support@jumia.com.ng or us on 01-8881102 or 01-2772361.

3. What are timelines for order fulfillment?

Please ensure all orders is/are updated to “ready to ship”within 24 hours of the order dropping on your seller center and the item(s) are dropped off within 24 hours of you setting to ready to ship.

4. Why do I need to drop-off my items on time?

Black friday is an important annual sales event! As always, we want to ensure your customers get their orders quickly. Vendors that drop-off their items on time, will have a higher delivery success rate and will receive payment faster. All vendors are expected to drop-off their Black Friday items before 6pm at all hubs weekdays.

5. Which drop-off hubs will accept large items?

Jumia defines large items as any item that does not fit into an extra-large Jumia flier. If you have large items, please drop them off at one of these hubs:

  • Agege

  • Sura

  • Okota

  • Trade-fair

  • Alaba

  • Jankara

Please click here for more details.

6. I am out of packaging materials. How can I re-purchase?

Packaging materials can be purchased offline at all the hubs except:

  • Surulere

  • Lekki

  • Okota

  • Alaba

  • Festac.

Place your order online here

7. When will I get paid for delivered items during Black Friday?

We will be paying you a day after the end of your statement period.

8. I suspect that I have a duplicate order on my account, what do I do?

Do not cancel the order. If you do, you will have higher out-of-stock which could result in a daily order limit. Instead, process one of the orders while you Raise a Claim  or call 01-8881102 or 01-2772361. The Jumia team will confirm duplicate order(s) on your behalf or cancel the order where applicable. You will then receive a call you back within 24 hours if the order is not a duplicate.

9. I dropped off my package, but it’s not showing as shipped on Seller Center.

The warehouse team have adequate manpower to ensure that all the Black Friday orders are processed within 24 hours. If an item you dropped off is not processed by 7am the following morning, please Raise a Claim and attach the signed carrier manifest (proof of drop-off) and include  list of pending orders. We will respond within 24 hours.

10. Why did the price of my item change?

Vendors that have been selected to participate in the Black Friday promotions may notice a change in the prices of their items starting at 12 am on the first day of the Black Friday Campaign (2nd Nov. 2018). This price change is in line with your approved promotion price.

11. Can I change the price of one of my items?

Yes, however, any price change that is greater than 30% from the previous price will require approval from the Jumia team. Until the price change is approved, the stock may be sold at the old price. If you are concerned about the time to approve a price change, please deactivate the SKU until the approval has been completed.

12. What do I do when I have an API Error message?

For orders with API Errors, kindly Raise a Claim or call 01-8881102 or 01-2772361. We will send you a response within 24 hours.

13. What can I do when my Barcodes don’t scan?

Please reprint the invoice and attempt drop off the next day. If the timeline for order fulfilment runs out and your barcode is still not scanning, please Raise a Claim or call 01-8881102 or 01-2772361. The Jumia team will cancel your order to avoid any unwarranted penalties or charges.

14. What do I do when my items fail QC?

Always ensure that the item being processed is the exact match of what was ordered. All attributes such as color, size, brand and specification should be an exact match to avoid failing quality check.  Items that fail quality check may be subject to penalty charges in line with our new & improved Smart QC process.

Click here for more information.

15. Why does my store still have a daily order limit?

During the Black Friday Campaign, order limitations are based on your seller score.  The pending to ship order limit means a maximum amount of order(s) will be allowed to stay in ‘Pending’ and ‘Ready-to-Ship’ statuses at the same time. Your products will be online again when at least one order has been shipped.
The daily order limit means once you receive your maximum number of orders, all your products will be offline. Your products will be online again at 12 am.

16. What is the expected timeline for delivery of returned items to me?

Returns will be processed as usual with all returned items routed to their hub of origin and re-routed to Agege after 7 days.

17.What is the vendor promise during the Black Friday?

Effective 26th October – 15th January, our vendor promise will be updated to 30 days.
This means that if a delivery failed item is not made available for collection within 30 days from when the item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you. Please note all invoices must be sent in within 14 days of notification.

18. I have both Jumia Express and Non-Jumia Express stock. Will I get a notification for Jumia Express orders on Seller Center?

No, on seller center, you will get notifications for non-Jumia Express orders only, for processing. However, you will be able to view all shipped orders (Including Jumia express).

19. What is the delivery timeline for the Black Friday customers?

Black Friday is a very important sales event of the year! The Jumia logistics team is excited to be delivering millions of orders to customers all over the country in record time. Because of higher-than-usual sales volume, we have communicated to all customers that the delivery timeline will be prompt.

Jumia Express: Lagos: 1 business day
Ibadan, Abuja, Portharcourt, Abeokuta: 2 business days
All other cities: 5 business days

Non Jumia Express: Lagos: 2 – 4 business days
Ibadan, Abuja, Portharcourt, Abeokuta: 3 – 5 business days All other cities: 3 – 8 business days

20. How do I get support when I have inquiries?

You can contact us by calling 01-8881102 or 01-2772361 or raise a claim via this link or by simply clicking on the raise a claim bar on the top left corner of your seller center dashboard.