What is JumiaPay for Business?

New payment method developed by Jumia in order to offer its sellers:

  • more flexibility in getting their settlements (e.g. possibility to transfer the money from their Jumia Pay wallet to their bank account whenever they want)
  • a single payout option when they have several Seller Center accounts (possibility to link different Seller Center accounts to a single Jumia Pay account)
  • a faster payment speed (money will automatically be credited on your JumiaPay account on payment date: no more delay due to external dependencies)

This will be the only payment method used in 2020: the sooner you try the better!

How to register to JumiaPay for Business?

Login to your seller center accounts using your email and password.



Click on the displayed link

Type in the email address as on the seller center and click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”

Create your Business account

Confirm the Business account you want to link to your Seller Center account

Double check in Seller Center that you now have “JumiaPay” as Payment Method

How to use JumiaPay for Business?

A. How to add a Payment Method

Click on Payment Method, then Add Payment Method

Add preferred Bank details and Confirm

Please note that your account has been successfully added; Kindly verify your payment method to complete this process.

B. How to verify Payment method

Send a mail the following information below to businessverification.pay.ng@jumia.com

  • JumiaPay Business Account Name
  • JumiaPay Business Account ID
  • Seller Center Store Name 
  • Phone Number
  • First and Last name of bank account
  • Bank Name
  • Last 4 digits of accout number
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Please note that this process may take up to 48 hours.

Note: Upon approval, your account details will appear under Payment Method as shown below.

Note: All payment transactions will appear under Transactions

C. How to withdraw your balance from Jumia Pay for Business to your account

(Note: You can withdraw your money in part or full)

Click Balance & Withdraw, then Withdraw

Insert the amount you intend to withdraw

Confirm withdrawal

Transfer Completed.

Please note that a successful transfer will be as shown in the image below

Watch the video guide below to learn how to create JUMIA Pay for Business Account.

Any question or issue? Please contact us here