Jumia Market Insight

Jumia Market Insight is a new service introduced to equip you with information on the most sought-after items on Jumia.

Knowledge is power. Jumia market insights keeps you ahead of the game with other sellers on the platform. You get first-hand information on the top products you can sell on Jumia that gives you a competitive edge over other sellers.


Helps to increase products Assortment

Helps Improve Sales

Gives you a head start over other sellers

Market Insight Packages

Terms & Meaning

The Jumia Market Insight report shows you the details of over 1000 products such as:

Product name: Name of the product we advise you to invest in
Category: The category of the product we advise you to invest in
Brand: The specific brand of the products
Price: The amount at which the product is sold in order for you to be more competitive
Items Sold: The number of products that can be sold at the given price
Product URL: The link to the product page, which allows you to see the image and also assists you in creating your product.

How to purchase the data

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