We want you to have a very successful Jumia Anniversary this year too! So let’s get you started with the preparation well in advance for one of the the most exciting campaigns of the year:

Increase Product Assortment

Source enough stock to face the huge demand from customers (your sales are expected to be multiplied by 6 vs normal days). You can get best sellers here

Submit your best price

Compare your prices with competitors' prices . The best price will give you maximum visibility and will increase sales.

Ensure your stock on sellercenter is updated

Count your inventory stock daily to ensure your items match up with stock updated on Seller Center.

How to add product
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Select the best price for your products
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Manage your stock & keep it up to date
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Opt for Jumia Express

Jumia express takes off operational hassle off you. Your items also deliver fast to the customer

Join Promotions

You have access to several tools on Jumia to increase the visibility of your products on the platform and increase your sales! Participate in our commercial events by submitting your best deals directly to your Seller Center! Make sure you have the best platform price for your products! Discover more tips by clicking on the links beside.

Jumia Express Service
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Participate in our commercial events
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Packaging Materials

Avoid delay in processing orders. Ensure you have sufficient Packaging materials before the event begins: flyers, cartons, bubble wraps, stickers. Find out how to order packaging materials here

Fast Order Fulfilment

Hire additional staff to manage bigger than normal volumes of orders during Mobile week. You might need extra help in counting, packing and package drop-off during the event. Drop-off your packages at the hubs within 24 hours of Ready to Ship to avoid cancelation and penalties due to cancelation. Find convenient drop-off points close to your location.

Packaging Guidelines
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Manage your orders
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