Just joined Jumia Express ?
This training should help you send your first products in Jumia Express and start selling them !

After subscribing to Jumia Express, you’ll have to

  1. Create a request to send your product to our Jumia Express warehouse

  2. schedule a drop off date at our warehouse

  3. prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

1st step: create a request to send your products in Jumia Express

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you will need to create your first Delivery Request to start selling products – we offer here full explanation of the process.

If you are a new vendor wishing to join Jumia Express, and have no products on the Seller Center

To select your top product, base your choice on such criteria as:

By choosing this category of products, you will ensure an optimal request acceptance rate by our team, and a strong business performance on Jumia.

2nd step: schedule a drop off date at our warehouse

Once your request to send products in Jumia Express has been accepted by Jumia’s Commercial Team, you are ready to dispatch your items to our warehouse.

The process is simple:

  • Go on you Seller Center to find your PO number. If you are unsure as how to get this PO, we explain everything here

  • Book you Inbound Slot via the Inbound Scheduling Tool (see below how to use it)

  • Ensure you items are prepared according to the inbound guidelines (see here) , then deliver your shipment to the Jumia Warehouse at the pre-agreed time.

  • The Jumia Warehouse Team will carry out a brief quality check and subsequently inbound your items. For more information on the inbound process, please go here.

Please note that if you fail to arrive at your specified time & date slot, your items may be rejected.

3rd step: prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

You’ve joined Jumia Express, created your first inbound request and scheduled a Drop Off date ?
It’s time for you to prepare your stock for the inbound at our Warehouse!

You sent your products in Jumia Express ?
This training should help you manage your Jumia Express products!

Section 1: inventory management guidelines

Jumia Express is ideal for your best selling products and will turbo-charge your sales

However you must ensure you:

Section 2: managing your stock

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you can manage your online boutique directly on the Seller Center. We explain you how to do it here

Section 3: pricing your products

To improve your business performance, differentiate from other sellers

Section 4: tracking your performance

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you will need to create your first Delivery Request to start selling products – we offer here full explanation of the process

Want to retrieve your products from Jumia Express ?

Possible, and simple!

Read this training to help you with this.

To remove your items from Jumia Express, you’ll have to:

    • Create a Return request and

    • Schedule a pick up date at our warehouse

Still a few questions after reading our trainings ?

We answered to your most commonly asked questions

Presenting Jumia Express

You can follow this link and fill the form. Once completed, our team will contact you and explain the next steps.

No – on the contrary, the Jumia Express pricing plan is both simple and affordable. Jumia Express aims to optimise your costs, allowing you to outsource and save on personnel expenses, storage and logistics facilities.

Yes. Jumia Express is 100% flexible: you can place part of your assortment on Jumia Express, whilst also maintaining additional stock via Drop Shipping.

Yes. By storing your products at the Warehouse, we acknowledge their good condition. If you consider they are not in a satisfactory condition at the point of return, we will make payment for the value of the product(s) depending on the damages.

No. You select how much stock to deliver to the Jumia Express warehouse. We only require that you meet the mandatory minimum threshold so as to avoid out of stock items.

As a Jumia Vendor you have accesses to Jumia Seller Center. Inventory related information incl. Stock levels and sales performance is available via this platform.

Absolutely nothing, you don’t even need to confirm the order – Jumia handles the order process from end-to-end.

No. Jumia will oversee the shipping and return processes, any failed / mis-delivered items will be returned to your inventory in the Jumia Express Warehouse. Only in the case of quality issues with the product, we will seek to return the item to the vendor.

Yes. You will have one compulsory onboarding if you are a new vendor.

And training and question sessions are organized every weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday. You just have to come to our office!

Yes, Jumia Express is a 100% flexible service. You can remove your stock at your convenience. Simply raise a return request via Seller Centre. You can expect the process to take up to 7 days.

How to create a PO

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an identification code that we will use to track your item. A product equals a SKU.   

You have to differentiate the Vendor SKU and the product SKU. To create a request to send your products in Jumia Express, you will need to have your product SKU.

We recommend you create the request at least 3 days prior to the date you choose to drop off your products at the Warehouse. This is the time we need to review your request and approve it.

To be approved by our teams, your request will have to respect some rules, and we ask you to put your best products on Jumia Express only. More information on products you should choose here.

We also reserve the right to change the initial quantity of stock on your request to optimize our storage space.

You can raise a claim here. We will make our possible to answer to your claim as fast as possible

Schedule a Drop Off

You will need to cancel your existing booking via the Inbound Scheduler, and book a new slot via the standard process. Please note that canceling a slot at short notice period (< 24hrs) can attract a penalty fee.

Yes, you will receive email notifications by which confirm your inbound slot details. If you want the notification sent to any other email address, you have the option to input this on the booking confirmation page.

Contact your Vendor Support on here or by phone on 01-888-1102 or 01-277-2361 (9 am to 5 pm), we will help you book your Inbound Slot.

Inbound Process

The Inbound process is efficient and generally takes between 30- 60 mins. It is crucial that you adhere to the inbound time and date originally agreed. Failure to do so, could result in your shipment being rejected.

There is no upper limit for Inbound #s stock or number of inbound requests you do. But our inbound team will review all your requests, and reserve the right to reject them if they don’t comply with Jumia Express’ premium offer.

Products that don’t pass the quality check will be rejected and won’t be inbounded in our warehouse.

If 30% of the products don’t pass the quality check, the entire inbound shipment will be rejected.

Inventory Management Guidelines

There are 2 important criteria customers check before buying a product: price and product rating

Have you considered changing the price of your item and align it with similar products of other sellers ?

Jumia has a lot of vendors, and a lot of competition!

But with the right price, you will be sure to win customer loyalty!

You will find more information to help you price your product here.

Usually when we ask you to remove your inventory from Jumia Warehouse it’s because i) we’ve discovered a fault with you item ii) your item is not-selling as well as expected

It’s important you remove your non-selling inventory from Jumia Express Warehouse to avoid paying excess storage fees

You will find more information here on how to retrieve your products from Jumia Express.

Manage your Jumia Express Stock

If your stock is at 0, it means that all your items have been sold. You might want to replenish this stock, so we invite you to create a new Jumia Express request to be able to reinbound this product at the Warehouse.

Of course! Jumia Express is totally flexible. You can proceed to a return request on the Seller Center, and it will be treated within 5-7 working days. You can go here if you don’t know how to create a return request for Jumia Express.

If you feel you could use a reinforced training, you can come at our office at 109, Adeniyi Jones Road, Ikeja every Tuesday and Thursday. More information here.

If you want to increase your stock available on Jumia Express, you just have to create a new PO request to inbound products at the warehouse. You can go here to see how to create a request for Jumia Express.

Price your Jumia Express Products

The price will be automatically changed on the website, it just needs a little time to take effect

Our commercial teams always keep an eye on your sales and stock. We want to help you to have the best seller score, and help you increase your business performance!

In order to do so, our teams could recommend that you reprice your products or participate in a campaign push.

We elaborated an algorithm which reviews all prices on our website, looks for similar products and compares prices. The algorithm suggests a price which is the optimal price for your product – you may choose whether to use this price.

This tool is called “Seller Coach”!