Just joined Jumia Express ?
This training should help you send your first products in Jumia Express and start selling them !

After subscribing to Jumia Express, you’ll have to

  1. Create a request to send your product to our Jumia Express warehouse

  2. schedule a drop off date at our warehouse

  3. prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

1st step: create a request to send your products in Jumia Express

Now that you’ve joined Jumia Express, you will need to create your first Delivery Request to start selling products – we offer here full explanation of the process.

If you are a new vendor wishing to join Jumia Express, and have no products on the Seller Center

To select your top product, base your choice on such criteria as:

By choosing this category of products, you will ensure an optimal request acceptance rate by our team, and a strong business performance on Jumia.

2nd step: schedule a drop off date at our warehouse

Once your request to send products in Jumia Express has been accepted by Jumia’s Commercial Team, you are ready to dispatch your items to our warehouse.

The process is simple:

  • Our team will contact you after the approval of your request to organize the drop off at the Warehouse at the most convenient time for you

  • Ensure you items are prepared according to the inbound guidelines (see here) , then deliver your shipment to the Juma Warehouse at the pre-agreed time.

  • The Jumia Warehouse Team will carry out a brief quality check and subsequently inbound your items. For more information on the inbound process, please go here.

⚠ Please note that if you fail to arrive at your specified time & date slot, your items may be rejected.

3rd step: prepare your products for the inbound following our guidelines

You’ve joined Jumia Express, created your first inbound request and scheduled a Drop Off date ?
It’s time for you to prepare your stock for the inbound at our Warehouse!

You will find more information on how to prepare your products for the inbound here