Black Friday F.A.Q.

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1. Why do I need to drop-off my items on time?

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year! As always, we want to ensure all customers get their orders quickly and accurately. Vendors that drop-off their items on time will have a higher delivery success rate and will receive payment faster.
All vendors are expected to drop-off their Black Friday items before 6pm on weekends. Vendors on Pick up service should be available Saturdays and Sundays

2a. When will the drop-off hubs be open?

All vendors are required to drop-off their items for the Black Friday weekend at the Agege Warehouse to ensure faster processing of items. If this is not possible, the other drop-off hubs will also be open.

Please note: As always, be sure to select the shipment provider that matches the drop-off hub at which you will be dropping off your items. The Shipment Provider for the Agege Warehouse drop-off hub is “NG-Agege VDO-Station”

Below are the opening hours for each drop-off hub:

Agege (before 21 November) – 10 Agege motor road, adjoining Total Filling station by Onipetesi bus stop.
Ikeja WH1 (from 21st November) – 6b, Universal road off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays – 8AM-5PM
  • Saturday – 8AM-5PM, 8PM-4PM for QC
  • Sunday – 8AM-5PM, 8PM-4PM for QC

Abule Egba – No 8, Abiodun Aina street, Abule Tailor bus stop
Ikorodu – No. 58 Ibeshe Road, Owode Ibeshe
Isolo – No. 3 Olufemi Peters Street, Ire Akari Estate

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays – 9AM-2PM
  • Saturday – 8AM-2PM
  • Sunday – 8AM-2PM

Ajah – 3B Powerline Close off Afolabi Street, Marshy Hills Estate by Akins bus stop, Ado-Badore Road
Festac – First Avenue, Plot 642A, Opposite L Close
Surulere – No. 7 Augusto close, off Rasak Balogun street
Yaba – No. 1 Harvey Road, Off Herbert Macaulay

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays, 9AM-2PM
  • Saturday, 8AM-2PM
  • Sunday, 8AM-2PM

2b. Does my shipment provider change if I am dropping off at Ikeja WH1?

No, your shipment provider remains NG-Agege VDO QC-Station or NG-Agege VDO-Station

3. What drop-off hubs will accept large items?

Jumia defines large items as any item that does not fit into an extra-large Jumia flier. If you have large items, please drop them off at one of these four hubs: Agege, Ikeja WH1, Abule Egba, and Ajah.

4. I am out of packaging materials. What do I do?

Packaging material will be available for vendors at our head office (109 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja-Lagos), between Monday – Friday. However, from the 21st of November, packaging material will be available at the old Ikeja WH1(6b, Universal road off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos).

5. When will I get paid for delivered items during Black Friday?

We will be paying you a day after the end of your statement period i.e. for a Friday vendor with account statement period; 4th Nov 2016 – 10th Nov 2016, you will be getting paid on the 11th Nov 2016 for items delivered within the account statement period.

6. I suspect that I have a duplicate order on my account, what do I do?

Do not cancel the order. If you do, you will have higher out-of-stock. Instead, please process the items of one order and email or call 0818881102, with the subject of your mail as “Duplicate Order”. The Jumia team will cancel all duplicate orders on your behalf, or will call you back within 24 hours if the order is not a duplicate.

7. I dropped off my package, but it’s not showing as shipped on Seller Center.
The warehouse team has allocated extra staff to ensure that all Black Friday orders are processed within 24 hours. If an item you dropped off is not process by 7am the following morning, please email and include proof of drop-off and a list of the orders that are pending. We will reply within 24 hours.

8. Why did the price of my item change?

For vendors that elected to participate in a Black Friday promotional campaign, you may notice a change to the price of your items starting at 12AM the first day of Black Friday (14th November 2016). This price change is in line with the promotion and can be reversed by you at any time.

9. Can I change the price of one of my items?

Yes. However, we ask that all vendors keep price changes to a minimum to avoid overloading the system. Additionally, any price change that is greater than 30% from the previous price will require approval from the Jumia team. Until the price change is approved, the stock may be sold at the old price. If you are concerned about the time to approve a price change, please deactivate the SKU until the approval has been completed.

10. What do I do when I have an API Error message?

For orders with API Errors, send us an email with the mail header “API Error”. We will send you a response within 24 hours.

11. What can I do when my Barcodes don’t scan?

Please reprint the invoice and attempt drop off the next day. If the timeline for order fulfilment runs out and your barcode still is not scanning, send an email to or call 0818881102, with the subject of your mail as “Barcode not Scanning.” The Jumia team will cancel your order to avoid any unwarranted penalties or charges.

12. What do I do when my items are rejected at QC?

Always ensure the right item matches the item on the site in terms of color, size, brand and Specification. If an SKU is rejected at QC, please take the right item back the next day and send us an email. If you do not have the right item, the order will be cancelled as an Out of Stock.

13. Why does my store still have a daily order limit?

A historical performance of sellers have been calculated and based on this, a Black Friday order limit has been placed to enable our sellers better manage their order volume.

14. My account is limited despite good performance. Why?

Due to the success of Black Friday, at certain capacity, we will not be able to process any item that is not in our warehouse, except item category is on promotion for the day. For all vendors with products in our warehouse (Jumia First), nothing changes, you keep selling. For all vendors with products not stored at Jumia warehouse, you will have to wait until midnight to sell again.

We suggest that you always apply for Jumia First on your best products. It is not too late to submit your items to Jumia First by sending an email to We will revert in 48h after assessing the quality of your offer for your customers.

15. Why was my store placed on QC?

We will be placing vendors on Black Friday QC to increase the quality of items shipped to customer and to reduce the failed delivery and rejection rate of Black Friday Items.

16. Will I still be eligible for the vendor promise during Black Friday?

Vendor Commitment if a returned item was not made available for collection within 30 days from when the return item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you. Please be mindful that in order to make payment we must receive an invoice from you within 14 days of notification.

17. What is the purpose of the Stickers?

We have made available stickers with each vendor’s unique ID which you are required to paste on your item to enable better identification of your return items.

18. Can I still be delisted during Black Friday?

We will be delisting vendors whose Cancellation Rate average is greater than 5% and have a count of 2 OOS in the present week.

19. What are Timelines for order fulfillment?

SLA Ensure all orders are dropped off within 24 hours of the order dropping on your seller center and the item dropped off within 48 hours of you setting to ready to ship
The penalty for cancellations due to product Out of Stock and delayed fulfillment is twice the standard commission on that item while the penalty for late fulfillment is one time the standard commission on the item.

20. What is the delivery timeline for Black Friday customers?

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year! The Jumia logistics team is excited to be delivering hundreds of thousands of orders to customers all over the country in record time. Because of higher than usual sales volume, we have communicated to all customers that the delivery timeline will be;

Jumia First
Lagos: 4-6 business days
Ibadan, Abuja, Portharcourt, Abeokuta: 7-8 business days
All other cities: 7-10 business days

Non Jumia First
Lagos: 7-10 business days
Ibadan, Abuja, Portharcourt, Abeokuta: 8-12 business days
All other cities: 8-13 business days

21. How do I get support when I have enquiries?

Channels you can contact us – by calling us on 0818881102, send us an email on, Jumia Nigeria Vendors on Facebook, or chat with us via your seller center from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

22. Will my items still be picked up as a VPU vendor?

We will be picking up from our vendors registered with our pick up service but we will not be activating new Vendor Pick Up  (and RTV door delivery) registrations for now.

23. What is the expected timeline for delivery of returned items to me?

The Jumia team has been working hard to redesign our item return-to-vendor process. We have designed an improved communication process for return items. Returns still remain at Agege Station;

Address – 10 Agege motor road, adjoining Total Filling station by Onipetesi bus stop

Opening hours

  • Weekdays – 8AM – 6PM
  • Saturdays – 10AM – 6PM
  • Sundays – 12PM – 5PM

24. I have both Jumia First and non-Jumia First stock. Will I get a notification for consignment orders on Seller Centre?

No, on Seller Center you will get notifications for non Jumia First orders only, for processing. However, you will be able to view all shipped orders.

25. How can I participate in a Black Friday deal promotion?

Sign-up for Black Friday deals is back open! Sign up on Promotions in SellerCenter to be a part. We are excited to have your products showcased during the biggest sale of the year!

Black Friday 2016!

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It is that time of the year again as we roll out the Black Friday open campaign 2016! This year’s campaign is expected to be even bigger than last year’s as the event will run for 2 weeks, giving you more days and more sales! We are expecting as much as 6 million unique visitors to the site and also a target of over 200,000 items to be sold!

With good deal offers, your sales are very likely to increase by 10 times!

Do not be left out of this massive event which has continued to grow bigger and better year after year!

Our expectations from you:

  • Demonstrate your capacity to fulfil all your orders.
  • Prepare and secure your stock.
  • Get your people ready and prepare sufficient packaging material.

Most importantly, you must have an excellent track record of operations at Jumia to offer a delightful customer experience during Black Friday.

What does an excellent operations track record mean?

  • Cancellations must be below 3%.
  • 48h Shipment: 100% of the items must be shipped within 48h.
  • Return rate of your products must be below 5%.

Please note that only the best performing vendors will be selected for Black Friday.

The Black Friday campaign starts from 14 till 25 November 2016. Register your deals now!

Discount request ranges from 5% to 30% according to category.

Register now in Seller Center under Promotions or click here.